Pahari Writers of Erstwhile Doda Calls Pahari Board survey Null & Void

Pahari Writers of Erstwhile Doda Calls Pahari Board survey Null & Void , Pahari Core Committee held maiden meeting at Jammu

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DODA………(VoM) A meeting of Pahari Core Committee was held in Jammu which included cultural activists of Ramban Kishtwar Doda and heads of cultural organizations. The census and pahari board survey data were discussed in detail and a resolution was tabled. The meeting was chaired by Sadakat Malik President Pahari core committee while Ata Muhammad Naik was the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion they said According to the PSP’s 2018 survey, Doda Kishtwar and Ramban have 0% of the pahari population. However, the figures released by the census authorities show a difference. The 2011 census figures are contradictory and, ironically, the census authorities also have incorrect figures and classifications of the Doda Kishtwar and Ramban pahari-speaking people. Comparative statement of both the competent authorities are analysed by us.

A 2018 survey by J&K’s Board for the Development of Pahari Speaking People (PSP) states that pahari speakers in Anantnag speak 7.86 per cent, Budgam 0.70 per cent, Bandipur 4.33 per cent, Baramulla 14 per cent, Doda 0 per cent (Boards have forgotten the western pahari spoken in each and every corner of erstwhile Doda) a large part of the population. The board further revealed in its survey that Ganderbal has 5.88% hill-speaking people, Jammu, Kargil, Rambin, Reasi, Samba, Kathua, Leh and Kishtwar have no pahari-speaking people. The board’s data further states that Kupwara has 11.84 per cent, Pulwama 1.59 per cent and hill-speaking people. The pahari Board, which comes under the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, has provided interesting figures for Poonch and Rajouri and Shopian, ie 56.3 and 56.10 per cent and 5.4 per cent hill speakers respectively. As far as India’s 2011 census is concerned, the figures are quite different and This is in contrast to a survey by the Board for the Development of pahari Speaking People (PSP). The 2011 census says that all the pahari of erstwhile Doda fall under Hindi or Dogri. It is also ironic.

According to the census papers in Doda, there are 81999 Bhadrawahi speakers and 9971 hill speakers in Doda, 244 pahari speakers in Thathri and 6816 PSPs in Ramban Banihal. The census also states that People in Doda Kishtwar and Ramban also speak Magadhi, Dogri, Rajasthani, Haryanvi. The census also revealed that Dhondhari, Dogri and Rajasthani are spoken in Ramban district. The facts are quite ironic. As if the census house surveyors were taken from Magadha, Haryana and Rajasthan.

The fact is that Ramban Doda Kishtwar, which represents either the western pahari or all the foothills of the himalayas, falls under the languages ​​of the middle himalayas. Competent Authority or J&K Board for Development The pahari Speaking People (PSP) should keep in mind the geographical location of the languages ​​in this mountain valley, Ramban Doda and Kishtwar. This mountainous valley of the three districts starts from Banihal Pass (from Jawahar Tunnel through Pogal parastan to Pangi border (where Pangwali is spoken near Padar where Padri is a language of the people which is a branch of western pahari) and Bhalessi. Similar to the Pangwali language. Grierson states in his Linguistic Survey of India (1919) that Pangwali and Bhalesi have some features in common, There are literal similarities between. Former Doda pahari belt include Banihal, Ramban, Pogal-paristans (people whose ethnicity is visited by Dhok) and they have a complete ethnic relevance. The areas of Saroor, Dachhan, Marwa, Bonjwah and Desa turn to Dhok (Dhar) in winter which is a living proof of being a pahari and speak pahari language too. The pahari core Committee has declared the figures null and void as the majority of the people here are pahari and the area speaks a pahari language, as revealed by linguists, but all of these languages ​​are grouped into the same statistic, as in the 2011 census, Padri was shown as a separate language (after the pahari).

The committee said that considering the available legal evidence and documents, they should be grouped as Pahari branches. Meanwhile, the language spoken in Pragana of Bhalessa (then area of ​​Bhaderwah Jagir) which now has a distinct cultural identity is now divided into three tehsils, Gandoh,Chilly pingal and Kahara is spoken widely and has a distinct identity.

Abdul Majeed Bichoo later expressed his views and urged the Pahari board to conduct a fresh survey of these areas. Rajendra Singh of the Bhaderwahi Cultural Society, who drafted the Bhaderwahi Guide, also urged the people to work on the pahari languages ​​and their grammar. It should be noted that the Pahari Core Committee erstwhile Doda is a completely neutral and non-political organization and the committee has reiterated its research on more than 22 local languages ​​and dialects spoken in erstwhile Doda. We are at the documentation stage at our own for more then 22 dialects for that we have got an overwhelming response from the common masses.

More than 3000 well-educated youth are included as Members said a spokesman of Pahari core committee. The meeting was also attended by Ata Muhammad Naik, Shakeel Sohail, MM Muzammil, Akhtar Abbas Naik, Rajendra Singh, etc……(VoM)

Pahari Writers of Erstwhile Doda Calls Pahari Board survey Null & Void , Pahari Writers of Erstwhile Doda Calls Pahari Board survey Null & Void

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