NC Stronger Than Ever in Bhaderwah, Joinings At Full Bloom

NC stronger than ever in Bhaderwah, Joinings at Full Bloom.
NC Unit Bhaderwah

Nasir k Shah // VoM News 24×7
Bhaderwah, 15 July 2021:– Social Activist Jaffer Hussain Sheikh (Baagwaan) and Liyakat Ali Shah today Joined National Conference at Bhaderwah. Both are the wel reputed personalities and have a very social social relations. Both are retired from government services and are very impressed with the working of Mehboob Iqbal and his team of NC here at Bhaderwah, explained while joining.

  Welcoming into the party in the presence of District Vice President Mohammed Ashraf kelu, Block President Abdul Qayoom Baagwaan, Councilor Abdul Rafiq Baagwaan, and Mohammad Ayub Najaar, Shah and Sheikh said that joining the National Conference as we were “impressed” with the working style of Sheikh Mehboob Iqbal. They too heaped praises on Mehboob Iqbal, lauding him as a leader of stature whose induction will boost the NC and help to serve the society.

  “If there is any political party or a leader standing for the interests of the Bhaderwah today it is NC and Sheikh Mehboob Iqbal ,” Jaffer Hussain said. He said he was joining the NC that it was the only party that worked in an institutional way, while others were all about a few people or confined to specific regions.

  While welcoming to the party Mehboob Iqbal said that NC is the future and people are with us and we are inviting every one to join hands with us so that the glory of Bhaderwah shall be restored.


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