Electricity Restoration In Marmat : Tireless Work Of T-Employees Made Possible

Electricity Restoration In Marmat : A Wave Of Happiness Among Masses : Tireless Work Of PDD Temporary Employees Make Electricity Restoration Possible In Marmat

Public Thanked JE PDD Imran Kanwal & Employees For This HardToil

DIL BAR IRSHAD || Voice Of Masses

DODA…….(VoM)The tireless work of temporary employees of power department in the Marmat area restored electricity under the supervision of JE Imran Kanwal brought A wave of happiness among the people.

Power has been restored in the Marmat area of Distt Doda today after 3 days as a result of hard work and dedication of temporary employees of power department. Due to the recent heavy rains and snowfall, the transmission lines had fallen due to which power was cut off in various villages of the area like Mangota, Bahota, Roat, Bari, Sewat, Mothi, Parbal, Labar Sarak etc.

Due to continuous snowfall in the area, it was impossible to repair the power transmission lines due to accumulation of two to three feet of snow, but still power has been restored under the supervision of JE Imran Kanwal posted by the department in the area. Imran Kanwal has repaired the power transmission lines along with his temporary employees.

It is to be noted that JE is a very hard working employee and is often found to perform his duties well. It is noteworthy that the number of permanent employees in the department is almost non-existent. And the working employees are just delinquents who do not get any monthly salary from the department or the government.

By working hard day and night and depriving them of their sleep, they provide electricity to the people and no one encourages them. The public salutes such working employees and appeals to the higher authorities to immediately reinstate these temporary employees of PDD as well as JE PDD Mr. Imran Kanwal on the coming Republic Day be awarded special honors. Because it is obvious that despite the heavy snowfall, not caring for their lives, these people have restored electricity and provided basic amenities to the people.

Once again the people salute all the employees including JE and below for their hard work……..(VoM)

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