Corona Is Not Over, Kindly Follow SOPs: Naseer Banday

Naseer Banday
Naseer Banday (Naib Tehsildar Assar)


Bhaderwah, 23 July 2021:– As there is a decline of the cases of Coronavirus, people are taking it for granted. Corona is not over and we have to follow SOPs and all the guidelines by the administration from time to time, Said Naseer Banday, Naib Tehsildar Assar. He said that we can fight with the virus if we maintain Social distance, use facemasks and take all precautionary measures. But here in Bhaderwah I have seen that people have forgotten the bad days when all shops were closed, people were scared of going out. What I have seen in recent times at Bhaderwah is that people are unnecessarily going to makers and that too without facemasks and without maintaining social distance.

He said that some countries are reporting more new coronavirus infections compared with the previous two weeks. Global data trends show that the coronavirus pandemic isn't over yet. Naseer Banday who is also Nodal Officer said that we should not let the Covid-19 s 3rd layer to hit Bhaderwah. Many people of Bhaderwah have lost their lives and loved ones due to this pandemic. He appealed people kindly take care of yourself and also of you loved ones.

 When the coronavirus pandemic began early in 2020, experts wondered if there would be waves of cases, a pattern seen in other virus pandemics. The overall pattern so far has been one of increasing cases of COVID-19, with a surge in the summer and a larger one in the fall. Some locations that saw a high number of coronavirus infections early on, followed by a decline, are having a “second wave” of increased cases.

 Human behavior is the major factor. UT govt of Jammu and Kashmir and local administration, as well as individual people, differ in their response to the pandemic. Some follow COVID-19 precautions, such as physical distancing, hand-washing and mask-wearing. Others are not as prescriptive in requiring these measures or in restricting certain high risk activities.

 When a person is exposed to the coronavirus, it can take up to two weeks before they become sick enough to go to the doctor, get tested and have their case counted in the data. It takes even more time for additional people to become ill after being exposed to that person, and so on. Several cycles of infection must occur before a noticeable increase shows in the data that public health officials use to track the pandemic.

Naseer Banday lastly appealed to the people of Bhaderwah kindly help and support Bhaderwah administration to make this beautiful area Bhaderwah, a Corona free so that we will see the beautiful days ahead.


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